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Our Logo

Vintrhöll, from Old Norse meaning 'Winter-hall'. This represents our connection to the people and language of old and represents our home here in Canada and it's cold interminable winter season.

The mountains represent the Canadian Rockies with their year round snow tipped peaks, numbering nine in total for the 9 worlds supported by Yggdrasil the world tree.

A red maple leaf centred, a national symbol of Canadian identity.

'Vintrhöl' inscribed along the bottom in Elder Futhark.

Kindred Bindrune

Our bindrune consists of 5 runes that emphasizes aspects of the Kindred we hold in the highest regard. Wunjo, Othala, Laguz, Hagalaz and Tiwaz.

Kindred Bylaws 2020.

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About the founders




My name is AJ, I became interested in Heathenry around 2015 and have been travelling down this path of learning and growth since. I'm currently an Ambassador with The Asatru Community and currently their Director of Administrative Services, and was formerly the Deputy PR Director.

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I would like to say first off my name is Ryan. I have been following the Ásatrú path for about 5 years, im an open book for questions that you may have. In those five years I have focused alot of time into the Elder Futhark runes and dipped my toes into the Younger but as we know with most pagan, heathen, spiritual or religious view paths, they require usually a ton of home work. So still to this day I am learning something different. But runes are not the only thing I have invested my time in the past 5 years