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An inclusive Heathen organization for those interested in information and looking to practice the old ways.
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Our Roots

We are a Canadian Heathen Kindred founded in Eastern Ontario in March 2020. We are an inclusive organization that is comprised of members following Forn Siðr (old ways) and Celtic Reconstructionist paths. The Kindred was formed so individuals in Canada could interact with fellow practitioners to learn more about the old ways.

Whatever name you decide to call it, whether it be Forn Siðr, Heathenry, Asatru or Vanatru along with the Celtic path, all are welcome. If you're interested in reaching out you can do so through our contact page email or send us a message through our Facebook page.

"Livestock dies, family dies,
you will die yourself,
one thing that will never die
is a man's reputation.

Hávamál Stanza 76

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